Phase one


After moving to our current location in early 2017, it quickly became clear that we were right where God wanted us. The number of new faces we’ve been able to meet simply because of our location has been amazing. We have also recognized that within our church family are many that have found victory or are seeking victory from a variety of addictions and life situations.

We believe that creating a place of health and a clear path of discipleship for people who find themselves in need of recovery is a key piece to church Christ has called us to be. We also believe that investing and growing in our children and students is non-negotiable.

With this in mind, we are making these elements a priority in how we do ministry. This includes:

  • Providing scholarships to summer camp for Well Kids and Well Youth ($10,000).
  • A weekly worship environment specifically designed as an outreach to those needing support and/or healing from addiction. This service will be on Friday nights.
  • The opening of a coffee shop in our commons. Through our Young Adult ministry we have built a wonderful partnership with Steve & Berna Proffiitt, Executive Directors of The Potter’s House. With their help, a second Potter’s House location will be housed at The Well. With the excellent location of our facility and the size of our commons space, not having our space open to engage with our community daily is a missed opportunity. What The Potter’s House has shown through more than a decade of life-changing ministry is the power of relationships. The Potter’s House at The Well will be more than just a coffee shop. Its operation will be an extension of our recovery ministry, including offering job opportunities and a sense of purpose to those needing a second chance. The phase one goal includes all equipment costs and operating expenses for one year.
  • The hiring of Brandon Lien as our Recovery Leader. Brandon is an incredible addition to the team and we are excited for how God will use his passion and skills to bring life change through his leadership. He will be leading our recovery ministry by starting a redemption service and the launching of our coffee shop. God restored Brandon from a life of addiction and he has previously lead a recovery ministry. God has used Brandon to help many individuals find redemption through Jesus Christ and we are excited to see all that God will do in and through him at The Well.

Meet Brandon • April 15, 2018

REDEMPTION • Full message from April 15, 2018

Partnership with The Potter’s House • April 22, 2018

RECONNECT • Full message from April 22, 2018

Phase two


From day one, church planting has been part of the DNA of The Well. The question is not if we will have another location but when and where the next location will launch. If we are to remain true our mission of being a church of redemption, a place where all people can be found by the grace of God, filled by the power of the Holy Spirit, and freed to love like Christ, that means we must make room for those people.

While this piece of the vision is still a bit blurry, the praying and preparing begins now. Obviously the launching of the next location will come with significant expenses. We don’t know the exact time, location, or costs of the next location, but we want to be ready to sprint in obedience when God makes that direction clear. So with that in mind, we are launching the second phase of this fund.

Funds given to the re-fund will only be able to be used for items designated here and will be tax-deductible. In accordance with the structure of the Church of the Nazarene, The Well cannot acquire property, sell property, or enter into debt without a vote of approval among the membership.

Your role

Many of us are familiar with the feeding of the 5,000 miracle found in all four Gospels of the New Testament, where Jesus feeds a large crowd that had gathered to see him with just five loaves of barley and two fish. The part of this story we sometimes forget is the source of the bread and fish. John’s account of the story tells us it was a boy in the crowd that offered this seemingly insignificant amount of food that Jesus used to feed the crowd.

We find ourselves seeking to discern a vision that is much bigger than our skills and resources can accomplish. But we are reminded that if the vision doesn’t scare us a bit or challenge our faith, it probably isn’t big enough to be from God.

We believe that the future God has for us in the coming years is going to require some miracles. We also know that part of that miracle comes from our obedience to step out in faith and give as God calls us. Are you willing to have the faith displayed by the boy that offered his fives loaves and two fish?

Two ways that you can step out in obedience:

As a church with many young people and many who are new to faith, we understand that giving away a percentage of every dollar you receive may be a foreign idea and without a doubt, difficult to start. Tithing is simply giving a percentage (a base of 10% in the Old Testament) of your income to advance the ministry of your local church.

If you consider yourself a follower of Jesus and The Well to be your home church but have not implemented the discipline of tithing, we want to encourage you start with this step. Learning to trust God with your finances is crucial to your spiritual health. We cannot fully trust God with our lives if we don’t also trust him with money.

If you are already tithing faithfully or have committed to start, we want to challenge you to be praying about how God would have you give above and beyond the tithe over the next 18 months to help us meet our phase one goal and build a large reserves fund for our next location.

On April 29, we will be collecting commitment cards as well as bringing our first gifts of the re-fund offering.

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