Phase two

RE•PLANT | $150,000

From day one, church planting has been part of the DNA of The Well. The question is not if we will have another location but when and where the next location will launch. If we are to remain true our mission of being a church of redemption, a place where all people can be found by the grace of God, filled by the power of the Holy Spirit, and freed to love like Christ, that means we must make room for those people.


Church planting has been part of our DNA from day one. We believe there are people in our collective circles of influence that will be reached in our North Campus that we cannot currently reach. Simply put, it’s God’s call for all of us to reach as many people as possible and we believe this is our best way to accomplish His vision for our church.


The Well will always remain as one church, but now we will have two campuses. Each campus will have its own leadership team while Pastor Dylan and Selena will rotate teaching between both campuses.

Phase one COMPLETE!


In the Spring of 2018 we shared a vision with you of how God was moving among us and leading us in the future. We are so thankful for each and everyone one of you who have supported the Re-Fund campaign and helped us be able to continue to reach more people in Springfield with the good news of Jesus.

Through your faithfulness, in just three short months we were able to raise enough
money to complete phase one for the funding of Redemption Ministry and The Potter’s
House at The Well which will be opening Tuesday, September 25th. The coffee shop
hours will be open every Tuesday-Fridays from 1:00-8:00 pm.

What God has done in and through The Well is incredible, but we believe this is still only the beginning. Over the last several months God has given us clarity on our next steps as a church and has opened doors in miraculous ways to purchase a building that will become The Well Church North Campus.

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Your role

Many of us are familiar with the feeding of the 5,000 miracle found in all four Gospels of the New Testament, where Jesus feeds a large crowd that had gathered to see him with just five loaves of barley and two fish. The part of this story we sometimes forget is the source of the bread and fish. John’s account of the story tells us it was a boy in the crowd that offered this seemingly insignificant amount of food that Jesus used to feed the crowd.

We find ourselves seeking to discern a vision that is much bigger than our skills and resources can accomplish. But we are reminded that if the vision doesn’t scare us a bit or challenge our faith, it probably isn’t big enough to be from God.

We believe that the future God has for us in the coming years is going to require some miracles. We also know that part of that miracle comes from our obedience to step out in faith and give as God calls us. Are you willing to have the faith displayed by the boy that offered his fives loaves and two fish?

Two ways that you can step out in obedience:

As a church with many young people and many who are new to faith, we understand that giving away a percentage of every dollar you receive may be a foreign idea and without a doubt, difficult to start. Tithing is simply giving a percentage (a base of 10% in the Old Testament) of your income to advance the ministry of your local church.

If you consider yourself a follower of Jesus and The Well to be your home church but have not implemented the discipline of tithing, we want to encourage you start with this step. Learning to trust God with your finances is crucial to your spiritual health. We cannot fully trust God with our lives if we don’t also trust him with money.

If you are already tithing faithfully or have committed to start, we want to challenge you to be praying about how God would have you give above and beyond the tithe through the re-fund campaign offering.

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